For most things you can refer to these general instructions that cover most of what you need to know:
Basic WordPress
One of the main things you’ll need to note is that some content is created in “Pages” while other content is created via custom-post-types (named in the left sidebar of the dashboard). You can either edit the content using the “edit” links that display in the public pages when you are logged in (this is helpful when the content you want to edit is an excerpt on the homepage or on an archive page of multiple posts)—or you can go to the admin dashboard and find your content there.

You can also refer to already-published pages and posts for a model. Open up a page or post that’s similar to the one you want to create and check how images, texts, and other data have been added.

A few extra notes for your website particularly:

Home Page:

  • The About section: uses content from the “About” page and displays the title, featured image, and excerpt. In the event that an excerpt has not been created in the excerpt field, the first 25 words of the page content will be displayed instead.
  • The Services section: Each service is a child page of the “Services Page.” On the home page, the child page’s featured image, title and excerpt are displayed. The “Read More” button is a direct link to the dedicated services pages for each service.

About Page:

  • Uses “About” page content to display content on the About Page. It displays the page title, the content, and the featured image. There is a pull-quote below the featured image which is currently hard-coded into the template.
  • To create a “View CV” button, you can upload a PDF document at the bottom of the “About” page content. By default, the button is labeled as “View CV” on the About Page, granting users the ability to access and view the uploaded PDF in a new browser window.

Services Pages:

  • Each service is created in a child page under the parent page “Services”. If you want a sentence to appear as a “pull-quote” (eg at the bottom of the page), choose the “H6” header style from the style options and it will automatically be styled as a pull-quote.

FAQs Page:

  • The FAQ page displays content from the custom post-type “FAQs”.

Contact Page:

  • Uses page content to display the contact page.


If you have any trouble, please re-read the Basic WordPress instructions to be sure the answer is not there. If you are still stumped, feel free to request help by email: rhm@hamiltrowebsitedesign.com.

Also, you’ll find some resources about maintaining ongoing website health here.